Success Stories

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Sarah says:

Signed by an Agency

Since registering with, I have been invited to join one of London’s top modelling agencies. This happened after one of their scouts found my profile on's Gold Star section. Because of this, I can finally pursue my life long dream of modelling professionally full-time. And I don't have to do it alone, because I have my agent - and obviously the team - supporting me along every step of the way. As well as fashion shoots, I’m thrilled to be able to branch out into advertising, music videos and even TV presenting. I used to complain about the “few and far between” nature of modelling – now I’m so busy I relish my rare downtime between jobs.

Favourite feature: My favourite feature is definitely Talent Directory. It puts everyone on an equal platform, even if they don't have much experience. And of course it's a privilege to have my profile listed among so many talented models.

Jenna says:

One Way Street to Success

When I joined, I was just signing up to pretty much every acting website I could find. And needless to say, some were a lot better than others. is one of the best – literally everything I needed to know about acting and modelling was explained on their help pages. They definitely helped me avoid several scams, and taught me that success comes with hard work. Now I’m a freelance model/actor, and I also teach public speaking to young actors. It feels good to have complete control over my career. I can do an underwear shoot for a lingerie company one day, and stay at home relaxing the next, without worrying about answering to anyone. I am my own boss, after all.

Favourite Feature: Probably the advice pages. Some of the stuff seems really obvious to me now, but when I was just starting out,’s resources were absolutely invaluable, especially when it came to staying safe and choosing the right jobs for me! 

Andrew says:

Snapping up the Spotlight

I had doubts about to begin with. Most of the talent sites out there are entirely focused on the performance aspect of things. But is different. There are as many photography opportunities as there are modelling/acting ones, and sometimes the two even intersect! Having my portfolio in the Talent Directory has led to me being contacted several times for my services, including for a music festival in Scotland, and for the launch of a brand new clothing line. For an amateur photographer, such opportunities are very rare, so it was a real surprise to be chosen among all those talented people.

Favourite Feature: The community aspect of it. The way it works is very mutually beneficial. Sometimes I contact models or a model will contact me, and we’ll do a photo-shoot together. It’s great, because we both get experience, exposure and material for portfolios out of it.

Jackson says:

Danced with the Stars

I started dancing when I was a kid, following in my mom’s footsteps. I had a couple of good opportunities when I was younger, but by the time I turned twenty I was mostly just teaching dance at a community centre. I joined after a friend of mine got a job working in hair and make-up on a movie set through I started off on a Bronze profile, but it wasn’t really working for me. Instead of quitting, I contacted’s support team and they gave me a couple of tips for making my profile stand out (upgrading to Silver, using credits etc). I followed their advice and got an audition to be a professional dancer for a US TV talent competition. Filming starts in the fall, and it feels like I’m finally on track to where I want to be in life.

Favourite Feature: Well everything of course! If I had to choose though, I guess I’d say the “Featured Talents” section. Being chosen for it is such a badge of honor, and it’s always useful to see what kinds of dancers are in demand within the industry right now.